Our story

We believe cyber attackers are sophisticated and will figure out a way to access anything if they’re motivated to do so. Keeping your organization safe, and your customers data protected, in the modern age is extremely difficult.

Our values

Work hard, play hard.
At ClearVector, we win together and lose together. We are always transparent. We believe in each other. And, we have fun.
Customer obsessed, adversary focused.
Everyday, we’re committed to learn from the world, our customers,  adversaries, and our community. We strive to outpace the adversary because we are faster. We’re trailblazers who are courageous and passionate. And we know responding is not enough.
Do it right.
We strive to do things the right way, right when you need it. And if we get it wrong, we’re not afraid to own up to our mistakes. What matters most is doing the right thing for people.

Meet the team

John is the CEO and founder of ClearVector, a leading provider of realtime, identity-driven security for the cloud. John has more than 18 years of experience in cybersecurity, including driving innovation, scaling global organizations, and bringing new technology to market to combat the adversary.

Prior to ClearVector, John served as SVP/CTO at FireEye/Mandiant, responsible for the global business unit encompassing endpoint security product, email security (cloud) product, cloud and datacenter operations, data science, advanced R&D, and security architects. John joined FireEye through the acquisition of Mandiant.

Prior to joining Mandiant in 2008, John served at the NSA where he was responsible for research and development. In addition, John served as a Gentoo Linux developer and lead responsible for global distribution of GNOME desktop releases.

John holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and a bachelor's degree in Physics and Astronomy from Boston University, and is an Eagle Scout.

Andrew is the Chief Architect at ClearVector. Andrew has an extensive technical background including over 12 years of experience in the security industry. This includes expertise in cloud security, reverse engineering, Windows and Linux systems engineering, Windows kernel driver development, vulnerability research, malware analysis, and incident response.

Prior to joining ClearVector, Andrew was a Senior Principal Research Engineer for the FLARE and Endpoint teams at Mandiant. Andrew researched and developed novel EDR capabilities, performed malware analysis and data forensics in support of incident response, performed vulnerability analysis and exploit development in support of customer red teams, and developed scalable solutions for automated malware analysis.

Prior to joining Mandiant, Andrew was a Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman Xetron.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Security and Risk Analysis from Penn State University.

Phil is the lead UI engineer at ClearVector. With more than 15 years of experience architecting and implementing intuitive user interfaces, Phil brings expertise in a wide range of disciplines including UX design, data visualization, and engineering team leadership.

Prior to ClearVector, Phil served as the senior manager of UI engineering for the Data Explorer team at FireEye where he led a diverse group of designers and engineers building enterprise scale applications for big data exploration, visualization, and analysis. Phil joined FireEye through the acquisition of X15 Software.

Prior to joining FireEye, Phil led the UI team at X15 Software where he created advanced big data query and dashboarding tools, engaged and supported customers, and guided API design.

Phil holds a Master's degree in Information Systems from Arizona State University and a Bachelor's degree in Sound Recording Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.

Our investors

Kevin Mandia

Founder & CEO, Mandiant


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