The intelligence you need to understand and control risk in your AWS environment.

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Realtime discovery, visibility and isolation

Instant proactive visibility into complex environments.

Extreme visibility

Realtime, instant visibility, no snapshots, across all accounts, for all cloud activity.

Discover what's normal

Understand your baseline, and what's normal for an account or set of accounts.

Find the root cause

Provides data to quickly answer the root cause of preventable problems in the cloud.

Identity forensics

Visibility into insider threats, track activity back to humans, machines, and accounts.

Explore your environment

See how users and machines are behaving without relying on log data.

Know what's happening

Find out where people are connecting from, and what services they are using.

Identify what's normal

Understand what's normal, tie everything back to humans and identities behind the account.

Expertise and active response

Make existing team more productive, upskill to the cloud, take action.

Built-in expertise

Get meaningful information about how your cloud operates, in natural language, even if you don't know what questions to ask.

One-click remediation

With one click, mitigate multiple issues. One click to roll back changes.

Realtime notifications

Notifications and suggested actions when new and interesting behavior occurs in your environment.