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Discover and mitigate the top risks in your AWS environment with a free AWS Realtime Risk Assessment from ClearVector and Corvus Insurance. Gain access to the ClearVector platform for 30 days to discover and isolate risk in realtime in your AWS environment. ClearVector deploys in minutes with no impact to cloud workloads, no access to application data, and without requiring agents.

After connecting ClearVector to your AWS environment, you'll gain instant visibility into the realtime activity in your environment, the top risks and findings to decrease risk in your environment, and be notified in realtime of risky activity.

1-1 with an AWS security expert

A ClearVector AWS security expert will walk you through the AWS Realtime Risk Assessment and answer any questions by phone, Zoom, or on Slack or Teams.

AWS Realtime Risk Assessment

  • A detailed report of the top risks in your AWS environment.
  • Realtime notifications and suggested actions when risky activity occurs.
  • An executive presentation with a ClearVector AWS security expert to review the findings.

Full access to the ClearVector platform

Gain access to the entire ClearVector platform for 30 days, including private Slack channel support.

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